Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Used my Muse!

My submission has been made.  Now the wait begins for the judging.  And while I can't yet reveal the entire piece to you, I CAN give you a tiny bit of a tease until the big day arrives.   Scarlett Lanson does a wonderful job with this contest - I wish I would have been able to enter all of them.  I entered the very first one with "Scarlett in Chains" (second photo).  I kept this one for myself, and in fact, seeing the photo - it helped me decide what to wear to the shop today! 
While there's probably no more time left to enter (early bird deadline is MONDAY), I urge you to visit Scarlett's blog and/or website and read more about Use the Muse.  You'll be amazed at the prize selections, excited about the concept, and impatient to enter Use the Muse V!


meh-crame said...

Your entry is so wonderful!
Have you received the instructions for submission? I have not and i am worried it went to the wrong e-mail. Please, let me know if you got them.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Good luck - it looks great. I am still struggling with mine... I think I will really be pushing myself to the deadline!