Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All is merry and bright aka a look back....

After quite the slow start to what I had deemed my "year of Sheryl", 2013 DID turn out to be quite the year.  It had it's ups - some new opportunities, a magically beautiful garden full of surprises, and fun with hubby as usual, just to name a few.    It also had some downs - a bad show or two, closing the Etsy shop, and having to give up my precious wheels (which still have not been replaced).  I came face to face with those that had hurtful words, and am grateful to those that helped me through.  It was a learning experience, and I hope that I learned to think before I speak, and only speak in kindness to others.  I made some new friends, became better friends to some, and unfortunately lost a few along the way as well.
Life goes on...
So here's to hoping 2014 will be as good and EVEN BETTER than 2013
.  I plan to listen, love and live more than ever before, with the help of those I love most.  And as usual - doing it all while beading is at the top of the list!   I may not make it back to the blog this year, so let me wish you joy and good cheer and for a beautiful start to the coming new year....

Merry Christmas!

Peaceful beading,

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