Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sizzling summer!

So far, half way into summer (ALREADY!) The temps haven't been sizzling - at least not until today - but boy, has my show schedule!  AND my sales!  WHAHOOO!
I am really nervous and excited about the Williamston ArtFest on the River on Saturday. 

 Not only is it a prestigious area show, but I found out today that people get to VOTE on their favorite booths!  I don't think any of my local peeps will be attending, everyone is just so darn busy - so I probably won't get many.  But if you're local.  And you're planning to stop by - VOTE FOR ME!   I will have LOTS of the Enlightened Denim pieces, as well as many of the really arty pieces that I don't take just everywhere.  The denim pieces are really popular with my local friends though - seems like every time I post a photo of a new piece on FB, it's GONE!   Not a bad problem to have - I KNOW!  :)

Here are just a few of the latest pieces I've done.  I've also completed a couple of custom ones - those are really fun too - working in just the right special parts and beads to suit the person that it's made for.  So far I think I'm doing them justice.  The hardest part is getting the right fit.  As with all bracelets and wrists - you just never know.  That's why I think the charm ones will be fun - still denim.  No fit.  No worries!  And those - well, those kinda happened by accident.  I wanted to do a simple single size bracelet,  not a wrap - and miscalculated the length.  So I cut off one end, which already had the ring and clip on it, as well as some bling.  And well - you see the result of the rest.... I've made a few more, just to see how they do.  ONE of those didn't even make it to a show.  You guessed it!  Snatched up by a friend!  LOVE YOU GUYS!

So much fun creating these!  I hope I sell MANY - cuz that means I get to make MORE!  And this morning I found an entire box full of HALLOWEEN THEME beads and charms - so hmmm.  Maybe some spooky Enlightened Denim?  BOO!  LOL!
Hope your summer has been happy and fun.  We've not had much of a chance to travel - having two dogs to find care for is expensive just in itself - but hope to do a day trip SOMEWHERE soon.  Michigan is so beautiful - all year round.

 THANK YOU for putting up with - and reading ALL - of my babbling "ME" blog.   I appreciate it - whether you choose to leave a comment or not.  Google makes that difficult sometimes - tell me.  I KNOW.    Just glad you came....

Peaceful beading,

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Unknown said...

Hello! I met you at this Williamston festival, and I was delighted to meet you and see your work. It was wonderful to actually meet someone locally who is a bead person. I wish I had known about the voting, you would have had a +1 from me.