Thursday, June 2, 2016

The TEST of contests

I'm not really sure why or even when I decided to start entering the beading contests.   I think I was prompted by a friend - and then somehow, miraculously, happily - I WON as a finalist my very first try.   "Mariposa" - over on the right hand side of the page - is still one of my crowning achievements.

As a rule, though,  I am not normally a competitive person.  Never a sports player - always picked LAST in school for gym teams, etc.  My only successful 'sport' is music trivia!

And honestly - I don't take rejection well.  I think that joining, entering, taking part has been a challenge to MYSELF to try NOT to be so sensitive about LOSING.  BECAUSE:

If I've got one ounce of confidence about anything - it's that I 
that my beadwork kicks major butt.  I am in the 'advanced' category that some beaders only dream about.  My love, my passion, my 
for doing bead embroidery is a part of my soul.  
The detailed, intricate work I do is a cathartic, meditative thing.  
Unfortunately, it's also what makes it an expensive, ART related thing that most people unfamiliar with art and beading, are unwilling to PAY good money for. 
I can't just slap a garage sale or flea market price on what I do.  In my area, however - that's pretty much what people are looking for.   

So in order to feed my need - I continue to create the big elaborate pieces for contests.  And then afterward, I usually show them off during show season, maybe take a piece or two to the gallery - where they ARE appreciated and sometimes purchased - and then they go on display here in my home - and sometimes on my body.

THIS particular piece was just rejected by this year's Fire Mountain's Seed Bead contest jury.

"Color Me Happy"

It's the second year in a row I've been rejected - even though I KNOW the piece I'm submitting goes beyond what I've seen others do that win.  It's a head scratcher, for sure.  

I have also decided to sit this year's Battle of the Beadsmith out, because that one?  I am coming to realize I think there are some politics involved.  THIS piece - still beloved, still worn, still AWESOME - was my 2015 entry - made it 2 rounds:

I know that there are other contests out there that I can enter.  I haven't decided yet whether to try any more next year.  This year's show circuit - which officially starts in just 8 DAYS - will be a big part of my decision about my beads period.
I will probably always have that 'need to bead' - but whether I continue to do it on a large, get out there in front of the people scale - or do it


remains to be seen.

Peaceful beading,


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