Sunday, January 8, 2012

Change is good?

I hope so, because I'm making a few - starting with pulling all the beads out of The Grand-dale Shoppe, and just concentrating on simple, affordable pieces, many with a birthstone theme, using Swarovski crystals.  Those seem to be popular - the bracelets and earrings did well over the holidays.  I'm going to try adding some simple pendants in time for Valentines Day. I will still try to keep a few of my fancier, one of a kind pieces there, just so people know what I'm capable of, but they just don't seem to sell well there.   I'll keep the link up, so you can visit their site, but my booth looks totally different now - guess it's time for a new photo!
And then there's Cool Beads at Coyote.  Just before Christmas, Connie got a shelving unit for me to fill that fits right into the window space that I've been using, which I wasn't able to make very good use of until now.  So starting tomorrow, I'll be ADDING more beads at Coyote, trying to make as much use of the shelf space as I can. 
Like I said.  Change.  I HOPE it's good.  All seems on an even keel at The Lansing Art Gallery, though.  I was fortunate to be able to keep my holiday art market merchandise there through the new year, and will probably not add a whole lot new until later - maybe March or April.  I added special Valentine themed items last year, but never sold any, so I'm not sure it will be a priority this year. 
The only thing I'm wishin' I could change right now is that I STILL don't have that stinkin' laptop.  So I'm having to forego the sign up for Lori Anderson's Blog Hop.  This old desktop and it's lame memory and photo editing program doesn't make it easy, or even possible, for me to give the photos and the blog the time and quality it deserves.  Bummer. 
Sure am hoping for a busy, beady, show filled summer.  I know, I know, I used to HATE them, and while it is admittedly difficult for me to do them, I'm finding that the more I do, the more people I get to know, the more opportunities I'm getting, and the more people there are that are willing to HELP me.  I will probably participate in the Okemos Market again, since they supply the table, but will also be looking at some new, hopefully high end venues too.  And I would love, love, LOVE to get a few more custom jewelry orders.  The current one is quite unique, definitely one of a kind, but after completing the focal, and just a small portion of the neckpiece, I've had to set it aside until more inspiration about how to finish the piece arrives.  The 'base' is a freeformed wire which I then beaded around.  And for me, working with wire, this was a miracle - definitely one of the winners.  Wishin' I had just one more of those cool Malachite/Lapis focals though.  Diana provided me with ones she had from long ago, maybe even VINTAGE age, so I must work with what I have.  My dilemma is in the heaviness of the piece - she wants it long, with the option to shorten.  Still trying to come up with the best stitch (I'm thinking RAW with seed beads, embellished with the "x" to mimic the X in the focal).  Here is a sneak peek at what I've done so far on this still unnamed piece for my friend Diana:

Defnitely more photos as I progress.  The name too, still eludes me....
Anyway, thanks for stopping by,
Peaceful beading,

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