Thursday, April 18, 2013

Into every life a little rain must fall

As I sit here watching it rain – AGAIN – I’m reminded of the sing song statement of old – “April showers bring May flowers”.  Some have even been posting to that affect on Facebook and on blogs of their own.  And keeping that in mind – I’ve decided to start experiencing the flowers right now, even in the rain. 

Photo courtesy of Google Imagesrose

You see, I have roses to smell RIGHT NOW -  in the form of new opportunities, new outlets for my work, new ventures into teaching – which includes creating tutorials AND kits.  It’s a new season – in more ways than one.  Smelling those roses is what I plan to focus on all the way through ‘til the first snowflake of the year.   BUT there have been some dark clouds too – and I’ve  experienced a bit of rain in the form of disappointment.  Opportunities also fell through, didn’t pan out – and, as I discovered so sadly today – just plain ended.  I dropped by Off~Rack Boutique  -  the little resale shop just around the corner that was selling some things for me, to find that she is closing the store.  She hasn’t even been open for a year, but because of some wonderful opportunities that have happened in her personal life – she was left without childcare and chauffeur services.  It’s all good for them – I am so happy that they’re able to move upward and onward – but I am sad that she wasn’t able to give it more of a go.  So I now have a dining room full of display racks and inventory to decide what to do with.  Lucky for me (I guess you could call it) that I hadn’t printed out my little ‘find me here’ flyers for the show next week.  Cuz now I gotta change ‘em!  BUT – I am hoping that though this opportunity is over – that another may just come along.  And another good thing – I definitely won’t be lacking in inventory for my shows this summer!  An entire show case full of items are now available – some of which had only ever been seen by her customers.  So I guess all’s well that ends well.  I wish their family the best.
I hope you’re weather brings you flowers to smell….in May and beyond.
Here’s my tribute to one of my favorite spring flowers – The Bleeding Heart.  It’s one of the first thing that blooms in my garden every year – and I just love them.  Magical, beautiful…..
Bleeding Heart Necklace

Peaceful beading,

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