Monday, April 22, 2013

OOPSY! Outta the loopsy!

I know it’s been a few days again since I’ve blogged.  My bad.  Totally.  I’ve truly been meaning to do a blog about booth and show display and design – sort of a precursor to the book that I have half written in my head – and have all kinds of info gathered for.  I just plain haven’t done it.  I’ve either found a good book to read, or started a new bead project – or sat down and watched Downton Abbey reruns instead.  Can you say procrastinate?  The only reason this blog is quickly being put up is that my favorite FB game is down for maintenance, and I’m waiting for my ride to my weekly bead group date! 
So it’s sort of a non-blog blog.  Smile

I also want to announce that this is the LAST WEEK of free shipping in the USA on my Etsy site.  Starting May 1st – I’m going to have to start charging for shipping.  It’s just getting to be too much.  It won’t be a big lots (at least for those in the USA – Canada – can you say OUCH! to those postage rates?  YIKESERS!)  So I’ll probably be closing the shop for a few days beginning Monday the 29th.  I hope everyone will still shop – I’ve got some fantastic semi precious stuff if you haven’t looked. And I’ll be spending time this week looking through my personal stash for some great destash deals for you too.  
Big show on Saturday!  First of the year!  Wish me luck and lots of sales!  I' NEED to manifest a 10X10 EZ UP before mid JUNE!  BIG BUCKS made at my first show would really help!
Next blog design and show stuff – I PROMISE!
Peaceful beading,

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