Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the fringe!

WHEEE!  WE had so much fun today at the fringe bracelet class.  Seriously you guys.  I can’t believe I actually get PAID for this!  Look at all the FUN color and design choices – and EVERYBODY finished during class!  WHOOT! WHOOT!

005Linda went with red, green, black & white – sassy!

Didn’t quite finish MINE yet – too busy helping the girls.  Hope to have it done later tonight or tomorrow….006007MOM’S.  She didn’t think she could do it.  Ha!

008009This is Dusty’s.  She ran with that fringe and it came out funky cool.  LOVE the last minute butterfly addition!010Jane’s is actually gonna be a necklace focal; she’ll be adding it to a pretty ribbon.  NICE!


Sandra’s was my favorite (sssshhh.  Don’t tell!)  Open-mouthed smile  Hers was the kit that I made that came closest to recreating the sample at the studio.  I love the lime green.  She’s already gone and bought more beads and started more bracelets.  Crazy girl!

So fun.  I just love teaching.  It’s not work to me at all, and I’m always afraid I’m not explaining things or giving people as much attention as they need – but obviously they only needed a little help from me! (MOM was the exception.  But she did it.  That was the important thing). And I always include instruction sheets – but those are for later.  In MY class – it’s hands on all the way, baby!
I hope the next class that I choose to offer is just as fun and well attended.
I’m thinking either earrings similar to these:Peacock Earrings Card Photo

Or another bracelet that incorporates old denim jean waistbands and funky ceramic bracelet focals.  But first – I must once again attempt to write AND FOLLOW my own beaded bead instructions.  WHY when I do it quickly – zip, zip, zip – does it come out great.  But when I stop after each step and write it down – I can NOT follow it and get it to come out right?  ACK!  So diving back in this week folks – wish me luck.  And then to decide which magazine will get the honors.  I’m actually thinking either Bead Style or Bead Design Studio.  Not as well known – but both worth a try.
And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the newest blog hop (I didn’t participate this time, knowing I had last weekends show, and this class and the prep work to do) – check out Lori McDaniel Anderson’s blog ( for the list of the participants – the Bead Hoarder’s Hop – creating something with beads you’ve been hoarding with NO plan (like my entire collection!); almost 200 hoppers!  Ready! SET! GO!

Peaceful beading,

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