Friday, July 19, 2013

Somethin’s gotta give

And although I LOVE the Jack Nicholson movie with that title – I’m not lovin’ so much the REASON I am making this declaration…
I’ve come to the realization that SOMETHING has got to give in regard to my ETSY site.  I know.  I’ve said it before.  And I’ve just let it go.  But for all the work, and photo prep, and relisting, and fee paying that I’ve done with this thing for the last THREE years – I think I’m going to toss it to the curb.  For the final time.
I’m a bit dismayed and disappointed that with all the advertising and sharing I did of my THIRTY PERCENT OFF sale – only TWO people took advantage.  TWO.
Hm.  Not sure why or what is prompting the non-sale activity, but I have listened to the experts and worked on my ‘keywords’. (ugh.)  I’ve compared my prices to other bead selling sites.  I even tried FREE shipping for over a year.  I GIVE UP.  I think the next plan is to simply start incorporating a bowl or box of strands and bags of beads into my art fair and craft show tables, and use the November 3 day show here at home to set up a whole room full of beads, and use as many as I can in my own designs, and calling it good.

Bead Tray LRSH 

I would ideally LOVE to have my own shop again – someday.  But honestly, it takes HARD work, commitment and DEDICATION that I’m not sure I have right now.  I WANT TO BEAD.  And the LAST thing that was always a possibility when I had my little shop was finding time for actual beading and design. 


There was always stock to put out, to retag, to relocate, to order, to inventory etc. 
So I’m afraid this blog isn’t full of happy, happy, joy joy today.  At least not on the Etsy front.  BUT ----
IT IS full of excitement and joy when it comes to my show success AND the fact that TEACHING seems to be the way to go for me right now.  And yes, I suppose I could incorporate a bowl of beads for sale at those session too (I always have items and kits for sale at my class events).  I am also good to go for shows from here on out with the new addition of a 10X10 canopy of my very own!
011003 (2)

My Art Fair experience last weekend was a rousing success – beautiful weather, and TONS of customers.  My little ‘create your own’ key pendant idea worked like gangbusters- so much so that I had to go buy more keys so that I can try it again next week!  YAY! 
004 (2)

So I guess maybe I’m ok with not being an actual ‘bead seller’ anymore.  I think I’m glad to have moved into the design and show end – also hard work, but not on a daily basis. 
And keep watching for TWO updates regarding some of my original design pieces – I should be hearing from FMG about whether or not I’ve been accepted to their seed bead contest for 2013 within the next few weeks, AND- I am on the last details of a two hole beaded bead original design that I will be submitting to a magazine for consideration for publication. 
I’m as busy as I wanna be.  And it’s a good thing….
Watch for Etsy shop closing announcements.  Not sure how soon it will be – I’ve got stuff that doesn’t even expire until October listed still….
Peaceful beading,

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