Monday, November 4, 2013

(almost) back in the swing

You may have noticed it's been a while since I was here.  It wasn't really intentional to stay away so long, but I promised myself that I wouldn't post until there was something POSITIVE to post about.  And while there isn't a lot of GREAT news - at least the gray, depressing days seem to have brightened.  I need to work harder at not letting one bad show bring me so far down.  This is the fourth year I've participated in the Haslett holiday show - and it was by far the worst.  Had issues from the get go - from a rainy trek from the parking lot to the door (which does nothing for the hairdo or the outfit which I need to look nice for greeting customers all day), a broken display table that had me scrambling to re-fit, and a purloined extension cord by another vendor that kept me from displaying as I wanted to.  All in all, I didn't think the space looked that bad, but had a really hard time getting ladies to walk into the space to even LOOK.  Hearing them proclaim that they are 'sick of jewelry' did not help my mood....all in all, I made my booth fee back.  Sucky show.  Everyone has them now and again, but it still hurts just the same....
I also had another birthday while I was 'gone'.  Not sure how many of those I'll be continue to celebrate - but when the big day rolls around, I still sorta feel like this inside:
 But on the outside, I feel more like this most days.

It has taken a few weeks and a few good people to get me back in the swing and out of the funk; I think I'm closer to being able to start preparing for the big 3 day show here at the house - I HAVE TO - so it will get done.  I just take it slow, a little a day, throwing in reading, beading, crocheting and dog loving in between.
There's also the Holiday Market at the Shiawassee Art Center that will be taking place soon - so it gave me a bit of incentive to create something funky and new to take to them for this years market.  You're the first to see this piece - haven't posted it anywhere else....

It is a brooch, but can easily be converted to a necklace with a cool converter found at FMG.  Speaking of which ....
they are killing me with this waiting game.  It will be another MONTH before I hear from them about whether or not "Mariposa"
 has placed in the contest.  I hope to have her back before the holidays - and was hoping to get her back before the holiday shows.  NOT going to happen - but she may arrive in time for Christmas party wearing....
Hope all my readers and followers are faring well, and enjoying the fall.  The color here in Michigan has been amazing this year, and I've had a few opportunities to capture it, with drives, walks and just a gander out the door to our back yard, currently COVERED in walnut tree leaves.  This is the pond at the dog park that our 'family' frequents - beautiful.

Now if I could just get used to this time change!  UGH!  In bed an hour early - up even earlier.  I remember when I used to LOVE having that 'extra hour' to enjoy life.  Gotta try harder to do that again....SO...with that....I will go do some EXTRA peaceful beading.  How about you?


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