Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Life from 10 to 2

That’s how I described it to a few people today, so I decided it would make a fun blog post.   And it’s how I’ve been learning to do things for the past several months – since my poor car finally petered out and yelled uncle for good.   Hubby and I have been sharing when needed – so in order to have his vehicle back home in time for his afternoon work shift – my errands, my appointments – MY LIFE – pretty much takes place from 10 to 2.  
 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (because without transportation, what else is there to do?) lately about what NOT driving, NOT doing, NOT going places is all about for me.   I’ve also been given some sage input from good friends about this time being spent all alone –and I agree -  it’s giving me time for ME.
 During the past few months -  my creativity has been more profound,   

my ideas have been more thought provoking,  and my life when I DO get to be out and about has been much more enjoyable – and something to look forward to.

But there IS something to be said about tootling around in a car,     
radio on to your favorite station,  no one to talk to but the disc jockey and the seat beside you .   Sometimes it’s just nice to drive around - usually with a destination – but sometimes not.  It occurred to me a long time ago that most of my thinking – my organizing plans, my schedule, my decision making – has taken place during my drives across town.   Not sure why – it’s just always helped me think. 
Today was no different.  Had places to go, people to see and things to do between 10 & 2 – and boy, did I get some thinkin’ done too!  NOW THAT’S a great drive!

Peaceful beading,

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