Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wishin and Hopin

I know I use this image a lot in my blog - but she seriously conveys my sentiments about SO many things!

Right now - I'm wishing on more than one star, and a whole bunch of X'd fingers about more than one thing....

*I still have to wait another month or so to hear from Fire Mountain Gems about the contest I entered "Mariposa" in.  
Not sure what takes so long....but the waiting is killing me!

*I have a show coming up on Saturday.  I am wishing and hoping that this silly juvenile government shut down doesn't affect my sales.  I realize that people need to feed their families and pay their bills, but it would be nice if they could afford those little extras that make them feel good - like my jewelry, for instance.  So yep, X'd fingers for that one too.

*And I guess I'm a glutton for punishment on the contest front - because I entered ANOTHER one yesterday.  Not really ready to reveal a whole lot about that one yet.  I will do so once I (IF I) make it to the second round.  The winner will get $500 AND a wholesale sales contract with a major online vendor I decided to give it a shot.  I entered "Call of the Wild".  It hasn't been in show circulation for about a year.
*I've also decided to bring the show HOME, so to speak - as far as teaching and parties.  If you're a Facebook friend, you may have gotten the event invite to my TWO November home parties - Make, Take and Play!  Create a quick and easy project (great for gift giving), and of course, shopping - for both jewelry, AND beads.  I wish I had the space to leave it up year round - but for now, I timed it so that the racks will go up two weeks before the Holiday Home show - making me have to get busy and get started SOON. 
I plan to do these about every quarter or so.
Wish me luck - on ALL counts!
 And lastly - sadly - tomorrow may be the last day that I own my baby:

A 1996 "Hawaiian Orchid" Purple Chevy Cavalier that I bought brand new.  I remember the first day I drove it home from the dealership, 20 miles from home - ICE STORM.  And I'd never used anti-lock brakes.    It had it's share of issues when I first got it, even had the warranty extended by the manufacturer because it was in the shop so many times in the first year. BUT - after that - it was a great car.
And just like everything - little by little - one thing after another - it became NOT such a great car, and now pretty much sits right there.  We will be selling it to one of the junk yards for whatever they'll give us.  THAT is how bad it is now.  I haven't really needed a car a whole lot in the last 6 months; managing to shuffle with hubby and borrow from the 'rents, so I HOPE I don't miss it too much when it's finally gone.
Off on a beautiful day on a color tour of Pure Michigan - so definitely photos SOON!
Peaceful beading,

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