Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's all about the bead!

I don't know about you - but my life is pretty much revolving around the bead these days.  A bit too early for gardening - although I have been dreaming and planning a bit in my head. And still WAY too cold and snowy to enjoy my deck with a book.   Besides - with 12+ shows this summer - AND an art gallery that needs 10 or more NEW pieces every three or four months - AND an Etsy shop to fill - well - beading is a full time JOB!  It's the 'funnest' job I've ever had!  But even those of us with fun jobs still need a little after hours mingling....
So last night I hosted our twice a month bead group - Women Who Bead.  You may recall that I blogged about them all last October when we road tripped to the wondermous Bead Haven in Frankenmuth to take a class.   Just about everyone joined in the fun last night - don't think I could have made room for one more - even without Bella in the room!

It's always fun to see what everyone is working on - and of course get the latest scoops about family, jobs and life.  I need me some girl time once in awhile - and this week - I have TWO opportunities!  My Thursday group is full of wise and wonderful women too - can't wait!

So about that full time beading job.  I don't think I've shared the last few pieces I've completed.  As you can see - spring, flowers, and brightness on the brain.

 These cuff bracelets are quite popular in the bead world right now - and of course I add my own unique touch of beaded beads to them rather than just the sliders.  These are the little spinner beads I learned from Rachel Nelson Smith a few years ago through The Great Lakes Bead Guild in Detroit.  So fast.  So sparkly!

And now that last weekends show is over, I can concentrate on creating even more new pieces for the NEXT show; Celebrate! Okemos in JUNE!
Speaking of last weekend's show, here's what my table looked like when all was said and done.  

Unfortunately, there weren't many customers to see my beautiful work.  This is the second time I've done this show, and the second time that there was little or no advertising OR signage - despite the fact that many of the previous vendors (myself included) indicated it was an issue the FIRST time.   :(  
Despite the fact, however - it was still a fun day.  I was surrounded by vendor friends new and old - one of which I discovered was a former student, who was quite successful selling pieces using the technique I taught her!  Makes you feel pretty good to know someone actually USES and enjoys the info you gave them.
I did end up doing quite well by the end of the day - all but one sale came in the last hour!  Mostly earrings and rings this time - I sure would like to send some of those statement pieces out the door!  And the scarf slides.  I know I see ladies wearing scarves all year round, but I just can't seem to get them interested.  Maybe next time...

On a final note.  Kinda disappointed that NO ONE entered my give away.  I think everyone is just too busy participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Challenge right now to play with anything but BEADS!  Cuz after all - it's we DO!

Peaceful beading,


Robbie said...

So nice to have a bead group...I belong to an art/fiber group but no one else is interested in bead embroidery/art quilts sooooo......glad the show proved to be somewhat of a success...

coolmoon said...

Sorry it took so long to comment back, Robbie! Still trying to work out this Google goggle!
I have a bead group - and a non bead group that I share life with; and in the summer the extra bonus of a friend that I bead with at a local coffee shop every week. Gotta have that girl time! Thanks for your comment!