Thursday, April 10, 2014

A part of the IN crowd

I finally did it!  I finally manifested myself that new fangled SMART PHONE!
Now comes the fun part - if you can call it that!  It's actually a really good way to find out just how SMART you really are!  I've already called and been to the 'phone store' twice for OPERATOR ERROR issues.  But as I hear from many of my other friends - most that grew up with the old fashioned rotary phones like THIS
 It has taken them many months of THIS

to figure theirs out too.   So good to know it's not just ME!
I have one friend in particular that needed a SORRY email because 
we used her phone number for teaching purposes - and then kept hanging up before she answered!  And then accidentally deleted her number when we were done!  Poor girl probably thinks she has a stalker.  So I messaged her - FROM THE LAPTOP (safety first!) to apologize.  :)

Once I get it figured out, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will be able to start accepting credit cards at SHOWS!  HOORAY!  And really, this is THE number 1 reason I felt I wanted to BE a part of the IN crowd with a smart phone.  Otherwise - I was happy being little old ME with my prepaid minute basic do nothing but call and text flip phone.

Off to play, and ??, and figure things out, and of course - BEAD.

Peaceful beading,

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Lori Anderson said...

My smart phone is way smarter than I am. And much more breakable.