Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beauty surrounds us


It's warm.  It's sunny.  Things are turning GREEN.  And most importantly - I can return to my usual state of footwear - NONE!  Barefoot weather!  My favorite!
Another beautiful thing about Spring?  Our sunrises are amazing.
This particular one was taken a week or two ago by our cousin in Portland.
And sometimes it's just seeing a beautiful photograph such as this that sparks a bit of creativity

that turns into this:  Sunrise Song.   
I added just a few more leaves than we actually have at the moment, but otherwise, the colors I wanted to portray turned out perfectly.  
Thanks, Shelley, for giving me such gorgeous inspiration!

Another beautiful thing about Spring?  A country drive to Owosso, to put in new pieces - and bring home the 'old' - some of them have been there since NOVEMBER!  I can't wait to have them available for my home show next weekend.  I am no where NEAR ready for it, as I thought I would be.  It's hard to turn your house into a showroom when you have to live in it - with DOGS.  :)  

I do have the front room turned into a bead store, minus a table display.  I LOVE doing displays though, and am looking forward to a week free of all other commitments just to concentrate on them (ok, I think I mean obsess, but you get the idea!).  Photos when it's complete, for sure!  And if you're local - 2pm to 6pm on Sunday, April 27th.  Message me for directions if you don't have them!  $1.00 bead strands and bags (selling out my remaining store inventory) fun projects, lots of clearance jewelry and NEW jewelry, and FOOOD!  FUN!  and Friends.... I hope to see many - old and new....

And finally - on an important but rather sad note - I've made the decision to finally and completely CLOSE the Etsy shop.  FOREVER.  Not going to give it another go.  I've tried 3 times to make it work, but I'm afraid Etsy has changed things that make it more difficult for us 'little guys'.  I am going to try something new, but have to research it a bit more first.  I'm hearing buzz about actually selling things through a special shop on Facebook - but gotta find out the gritty details.  SO - keep in mind that I'm having a 25% off sale in the Etsy shop until FRIDAY (coupon code Mom25 at checkout).  And then it's gone.  Done.  FINITO.  FOR GOOD.  Something better is on that beautiful horizon..... I know it!

Peaceful beading,

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