Monday, May 12, 2014

A post with no name

Simply because it's full of babbling and beady stuff, as usual.  There really isn't one good title to give it.
Denim Days?  Rainy Days and Mondays?  Netflix nightmare?  It's a combination (and compilation) of all three - and then some.

Beings how (it may not be proper English, but I'm usin' it anyhoo) I'm still nursing this silly head cold THING that started last Monday/Tuesday, I really didn't have much else to do but read - and bead.  I've read 2 full hard cover books from front to back since Tuesday, as well as a 300+page Nook book.  I also have LOTS more Enlightened Denim to show you - I will definitely have a good assortment of them for the Celebrate! Downtown Okemos in June.  I just hope they're as popular as I WANT them to be.  They seem to get good reviews from folks when I wear mine, and I've sold a few to friends who are testing the field with them too.  Here are just some of the pieces I've created so far:

This one, the FIRST one I made, and still my favorite, is MY OWN personal piece:

There are a few others too, that still haven't made it to their photo session!  Slackers!  LOL!

I am currently working on an embroidered pendant - done on, and backed with, yup - you guessed it - DENIM!  Turning out pretty cute.  And seeing how (and here's where the nightmare comes in) NETFLIX has bitten the dust again (needing to be deactivated and reactivated and bunch of other technical ridiculousness) for the 2nd time in a month (we just watched it this afternoon- it was FINE) but I digress - I will be heading BACK to the bead table to play with it some more since I can't turn on the TV.  Well, I can - but nothing happens.  ACK.  
Glad I have another NookBook cued up and ready to go.  Gonna be a quiet night for me.  I'm letting hubby sort out the technical nonsense (and possibly do the live chat AGAIN) this time around.  Double ACK.

Oh, yeah - and it's been raining. A lot.
Loving this Monday?  Not so much....

Peaceful beading,

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