Thursday, May 8, 2014

Challenges are a GOOD thing!

When it comes to ZNETSHOWS!   I know I've already blogged about this, but it's been pretty much front and center for me since receiving the absolutely fabulous sea glass beads from them last week!
And that was the day AFTER receiving some really cool sea glass and metal beads that I ordered on my own!  Did I decide to mix the two?  YOU BETCHA!

Here's what they sent me for the challenge, in case you didn't see the last post.  I've already completed ALL the pieces for the challenge - they requested we create a casual set, and a formal/dressy set.    The hard part, though, was STOPPING at the 4 pieces they asked us to create!  Especially in the case of the formal/dressy pieces - I want to add more!   So - I will probably send photos of the main two pieces to Hope for the Emag - with a teaser and a link to my blog address so that I can show you the rest!  It's really awesome.  My brain amazes me sometimes, especially this week when it's full of sneezy, sniffly coughy crap.  UGH.  I mean, ACHOO.

Image courtesy of Google Images

Another challenge of sorts that I decided to forgo - participating as a vendor in a benefit for a motorcycle club in a couple of weeks.  WEEKS.  That, along with transportation had been the challenge - and was the deciding factor.  I just don't have the right inventory, or the time it would take to create it, to do a show like that.  It sounds absolutely KICK ASS - and hubby and I ALMOST bought tickets to attend the BBQ and the benefit concert.  Alas, though - just a little too far away, as well as few other factors.  I will probably kick myself for giving  up the opportunity, but the timing was just not right.    Maybe next year....
So now my focus is on this show in Okemos on Saturday, June 14th.  I'm also taking a chance on this one, which has not been good for me in the past.  A good friend and fellow jewelry artist has taken over the organizing reins. She's a go getter, and has high hopes for this show.  She already has way more vendors signed up than were in attendance in the past..... go JANE!   Now let's hope the weather holds....

And last but not least,  during the sneezing and the blowing (yes, using antibacterial hand soap and washing regularly) - I completed this piece:
It was originally going to be a bracelet, but I decided that the chance was too great that the ceramic toggle would get broken.  So this is what it became.  It IS for sale - $135.00.  And now that I can take credit cards anytime I want - message me if you're interested!  PayPal invoicing is available, too!

Stay tuned for more bead babble!  The show season is about to begin!

Peaceful beading,

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