Monday, September 1, 2014

Paying it forward

This has been a summer of abundance for me.  The flowers we've planted have just grown and grown, and some just seeded themselves into the most magical places.

Our garden has given us more produce than we can eat (minus the green beans the dog got to first), our lives have been full of fun and family, and on a business note - Cool Moon Creations has been hoppin' busy!  Sales. Sales. and more Sales. ALL of my summer shows were happy, rain free and full of wonderfully appreciative customers.   And more importantly - wonderfully, magically - abundantly -- people have been generously gifting me with beads all summer long.  Some folks I know.  Some that I have never met.  It's been wonderful.  And it's left the studio BURSTING with beads.  I decided that I had to share some of these wonderful beads with others.   Not just in the jewelry that I make with them - which coincidentally - some of the most perfect beads for current projects came from those unexpected surprises.  But in PAYING IT FORWARD with some of the beads I received. I cannot possibly use them all, and will probably not need to buy a Delica bead ever again in my lifetime. Seed beads were also in abundance, which I have already begun using with abandon.  I've gone through all the lovely things, chosen what I know I'll use, think I'll use and hope to use - and am passing on the rest.

So here's what you need to do if you want in on the fun:   Go to my Cool Moon Creations & Beads Facebook page.  IF you haven't like it already - please do.  Then find the post with the photo above, (I'll try to keep posting to a minimum till the 'party's' over), follow the rules in the posted info and COMMENT.  AND LEAVE ME CONTACT INFO.  (you can message it if you're not comfortable leaving it on my page-just TELL ME you did so in your comment).  Don't leave the comment here.  I still have to jump through Google hoops to even edit this - and getting to my comments adds a few more.  So I'm keeping it on Facebook.  It will last a week or two.  And then I'll just pick one.  And that lucky person can be a part of my abundant summer too!

Peaceful beading,
P.S.  If you're a Beadwork magazine subscriber, watch for ME in the Challenge section of the Feb/March 15 issue!  The kit was FANTASTIC!  I can't wait for everyone to see what I've made!

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