Saturday, November 8, 2014

Beads, beads, BEADS!

This time of year especially - it's ALL about the beads.  Not only do I have that big 3 day show coming up, but I've got TWO private shows for friends, AND, as I mentioned in my last post - I've reopened the Etsy shop.  You'll see the little Etsy mini shop and link over on the left - there will be many more pieces added over the course of the next few weeks - I think I've discovered a way to keep things in the shop and offer them at shows at the same time!  That would make my life easier (except for the photo taking part.  That still takes up a BIG chunk of time).

My fireplace display in years past....

I made the trip to Bronners in Frankenmuth this week, to give myself a little tweak into the Christmas spirit.  I used to decorate my ENTIRE house, in and out with Christmas cheer - now I'm lucky if there's a wreath on the door, lights on the railing and a tree.  Is it an age thing?   Just haven't been able to get that holiday spirit going the last few years.  Hoping to change that THIS year 

My tree is tiny - but full of crystal and purple decorations and lights.  Cuz as many of you know - purple is how I roll....

I've also made the trip to Shiawassee Art Center to deliver my Holiday Market pieces for this year.

These are just two of the creations delivered to them this week.  I hope you've had an opportunity to check them out.  

Hope I get a chance to check in and blog again soon - but with the big days drawing near - may be too busy cleaning, shining, and preparing.  I will TRY to remember to take photos during the show to post DURING and afterward - but honestly - sometimes it's just TOO busy!  

If you're local, or want to road trip! - here's the flyer and map:

Peaceful beading,

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