Saturday, November 15, 2014

Things are hoppin'!

Getting down to the wire.  THIS is the week.  Tables being covered, and set up for the show.  Holiday decor being put here and there to help with the holiday 'mood'.  Still lots to do - but that doesn't mean there isn't time for MORE!   Look over on the left and you'll see another new adventure....another blog hop!  I won't tell you too much about it right now - I'll want you to come back on the reveal date and read all about it - but let's just say it will fit right in with what many call the 'season of giving'.   I won't have a hard time writing the blog to fit the topic - but I MAY have trouble squeezing in time to CREATE my pieces!  I'll be glad if I can do ONE piece for this one!   Hope you can stop back on December 6th for this hop reveal!

Moving right along....  ;)    ;)  wink wink 

Beads were again in the spotlight yesterday as I was able to commandeer the Jeep and have the afternoon to myself.  Sale at T&T Trading you say?   Don't mind if I DOOOO!   So off I went - into the on again off again snow squalls (man, I hate that 4 letter word) and into a world crazy with beads!

If you've never been - T&T Trading  has been located way out yonder between Mulliken and Grand Ledge Michigan since WaAAaAY before I was introduced to beads - which was over 20 years ago. So YOU do the math.   They've always been the go-to bead store for EVERYTHING - huge selection of seed beads - and they work directly with Swarovski for their crystals.    This is the weekend of the big annual sale - Tom even bakes us cookies!  - but I did try to control myself.  Operative word being TRY.  :)   Let's just say they have the proper marketing skills in putting the $1.99 pewter findings on the aisle by the check out. 
Got home so late after picking up hubby and doing dinner that I didn't think to take a photo of the entire 'hoard' - which does consist mostly of pewter clasps and findings, as well as two hole czech glass.  BUT - I did find a pretty mix of seed beads that will come together to be the next Enlightened Denim zipper cuff.  Even though those tend to be pricier than the rest of the ones I make - I can't seem to keep them in stock!
Gonna need more ZIPPERS!

That's all for now - I hope you have a ZIPPY weekend!  Enjoy whatever it is you find yourself doing - to the fullest!

Peaceful beading,

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