Friday, December 19, 2014


Flickr slideshow fail!   I've removed the big giant in your face thing until I can figure out how to fix it.  Would love to have the new Enlightened Denim slideshow running.  Hopefully next post....

I don't have a whole lot to blog about - hustling and bustling and getting ready for yet more holiday-ing with family and friends, finishing up the shopping, and preparing for the cooking, the cooking and more cooking.  My deviled eggs are a MUST at family gatherings (I think they want the eggs more than ME sometimes.  LOL.).  The obligatory green bean casserole will be made two days in a row as well, along with munchies and yummies still yet to be determined....

I WILL have a bit of major news in the new year.  WATCH this blog, along with Facebook (while you still can) for information about upcoming CLASSES - one here at my home, and one at the Art Gallery in OWOSSO!  FUN!  Actually - the art gallery gig isn't a class exactly - but it's a chance to get a 'free' look at how my bead embroidery process works.  STAY TUNED!  And I'm all in for entering a BIG BIG bead contest (or two) next year as well.... mums the word until all is said and done!

And for those of you who subscribe to or buy Beadwork magazine - you'll find me in the Feb/March 2015 issue's CHALLENGE section!   :)

Hope you holidays are joyful, merry and bright....

Peaceful beading,

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