Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy camper

Well,  at least doing MY kind of camping - under a 10x10 canopy at another wonderful art fair.

Williamston ArtFest by the River was Saturday.  HUGE lots of people.  Pretty great sales.  I was a little under what I did last year - people seem to be staying quite conservative in their spending, and I didn't win a prestigious award this year (I came in 3rd for favorite last year, as you may recall) - but all in all - no rain, but again with that pesky WIND!  This is one of my favorite shows to do - and I wasn't at all disappointed in the day.

  Just one of the pieces SOLD during my "HOLY CRAP!" sales afternoon in Williamston.
Pretty happy with the 'flow' and curve of this set up.  Gonna try to duplicate it in Grand Ledge - but since I'm facing the opposite direction, with people coming from two sides - it may not be as easy.  I'm not as happy about my shower curtain/rain/wind curtain set up - still got a tweak it just a bit - but they do blend with my color scheme....
It got a little gloomy first thing in the day - but cleared up and stayed that way the rest of the day.
(There's a river flowing behind those flowers at the back edge).  Beautiful setting.  Love that park.

I sold so many earrings this weekend, that I was able to consolidate to one less rack for my next show in Grand Ledge this coming Saturday.  YAY!  

Then I rounded out my weekend with 'camping out' at another 4th Sunday Market.
Can I fit an entire 10X10 tents worth of items onto an 8 ft. picnic table?  YES.I.CAN.  :) (with a little help from a 3 tier stand or two).....

The day was nothing like last months - which was one of our best ever.  I thought I was going to get skunked Market -1, Sheryl -0, but at last - a happy customer who treated herself to this:
Better luck next month.  But hey - a sale is a SALE!

Stay tuned for Creative Spark, and other cool stuff from Cool Moon's wild and crazy busy summer!

Peaceful beading,

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