Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's a weekend?

I've gone and done it!  EVERY WEEKEND filled from now to end of September.  My poor hubby. Who has to help me put up my 10X10, and stick stuff in the ground, hang stuff up.  He's being very patient - and probably doesn't realize that I DO appreciate him for not complaining about it - ONCE.

I am going to declare this day hug a hubby day.  And I will.  As soon as he gets home from work.  At midnight.  

So glad that Mother Nature has deemed to give us what looks to be a perfect weekend.   Last Sunday's July In Bloom Art Fair went fairly well - when the wind wasn't blowing things down.
Not a bad day - and I've gotten TONS of new LIKES on Facebook!  Yippee!  Don't forget - that 200th LIKER on my Cool Moon Creations & Beads Facebook page gets FREE STUFF!  I think we're at around 180 - so we're getting very CLOSE!  Could it be YOU?  

Blue skies.  Blue tent.  But never a BLUE moment...

Next blog I HOPE to have ZNET Shows next Creative Spark issue to reveal for you.

Be sure to check out the events page for my GROWING list of events - just added another one in August - and looking forward to adding into DECEMBER....and then pop over to the COOL Creations jewelry page - lots to see and BUY!  PayPal purchasing is easy - just use my email address!

Peaceful beading,

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