Monday, August 24, 2015

Carrying on

This has sorta been the summer of SUCK for our 'family';  funky weather,family issues, health, loss.  You name it.  The least of my worries have been my weekly art fair events - I have been lucky to have wonderful weather arrive in time for all but one so far, but unfortunately - still dismal turnouts.  I'm making a little bit at each one, but not nearly what I would have hoped compared to last year.   4 more til end of September - then on to the HOLIDAY shows.  

I really thought this piece would be gone right away:

And expected this one to be around for my upcoming psychic fair/art festival.  She, however, went home with a lovely lady who came to Meridian Market yesterday:

I'm having a hard time determining what my buyers will like this summer; last summer was the summer of bracelets.  Lots and lots of denim bracelets.  This year, just a few, and the bulk of those all to one person who loves them so much, she keeps returning for more!  

Here are a few that DID go home with their people so far this year:

Along with few earrings, and some surprising big statement pieces too - I can't complain.

 Looking forward to the next few show.  In three weeks - my first BIG out of town art fair - an overnighter with my two best fellow art fair vendors.  Slumber party art fair!  LOL.

Hope you are all having a happy, healthy BEADY good summer,

Peaceful beading,

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