Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rainy days and Saturdays

Well.  I don't know whether to be happy - or sad.  I think I'm sort of a little of both.

The Coyote Wisdom Fair THING - at least the arts and crafts vendors out on the lawn part - fizzled and drizzled and got rained out.
I had the option of selling a seriously reduced inventory INSIDE - up the tall narrow flight of steps, in a room filled with 3 other vendors.  In past experience of TWICE tried during events - 1.  People don't like those stairs (me included), and won't traverse them for anything short of an appointment with someone that rents the offices up there.  2.  They look in the doorway to the classroom, huffing and puffing after the trip up the stairs - and decide it's not worth coming in.  3.  Ask at the bottom of the stairs 'what's up there?' - and decide they've spent enough in the store.  ~sigh~

So here sit.  Wondering what the Universe has in mind.  Those are my peeps after all.  And I've been missing out on spending time with many of the them for one reason on another all summer long.  If everything happens for a reason -

What's up with that?

I suppose I should have kept this in mind when I made that decision this morning....

But no matter what - I don't think I'm ready to give up YET.  So - just like the title of my last blog post - I'm carrying on - BECAUSE.....

Not participating today has given me time to contemplate just a bit on what's next (I DO have about 6 more events before the end of the year, so there is still lots of opportunity) - and have decided that I am ready to part with my THREE BIG contest statement pieces.  So - 

Petoskey Shores.  $475

Mariposa $500

Night & Day (Western Skies)
$300 with optional matching bracelet and earrings.

I am very proud of all three of them, and have worn each one on a RARE occasional basis.  If they choose to find a new neck to adorn - I can only hope they love and wear them well.

Peaceful beading,

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