Sunday, November 29, 2015

Contemplating life after beads

For those of you that follow, read, and comment, you KNOW that beads have been my life, and my passion, and sometimes my only saving grace on a dreary day.

So it may surprise some of you that I'm considering life without them.

With just one more show left to do this year, and what a dismal sales year it has been - I'm considering taking a year, or more - away from the bead.

Not sure I can do it.

It's been such a part of me.

What would take their place?  For awhile - organizing, purging, putting my house and life back into some sort of order.  So many things have gotten away from me, gotten cluttered, that I wonder if taking the time to clean - to refresh - might put new perspective on where to go from here - 

whether it includes the bead 


I still have a book in my head that I should start putting down on paper.  

Image result for bookImage courtesy of Google
I have SOOOO many things in this house - in my life -  that need to be spiffed up, polished and made shiny again.
  My brain is feeling rather cluttered too -  muddled and overflowing with thoughts lately - 

Image result for handsOn one hand - I think I could use a break.  On the other hand - I know I'd be fine for awhile, but I'm afraid once my friends, my fellow artists, my PEEPS start the show season come summer - that I am going to feel miserably left. OUT.

Will I be throwing my hands up in despair?  Crying Uncle?  Waving the white flag?

Or just keep on keeping on   

doing what I love, and saving my sanity?

So much to think about over the course of the long, cold winter.
To bead, or not to bead.
To create, or not create.

For now, STILL, as if my life depends on it,

Peaceful beading,


Robbie said...

Perhaps working on the 'book' would be a good alternative. You'll still need samples of time to refocus on your past work. You'll still be 'creative' but giving yourself some well needed time off. And it's not like you can't pick up needle/thread/bead at any time!! Good luck making the decision that's right for you and your home life.

lamplight crafts said...

The decision is difficult. I have given up on selling anything, so my Etsy shop is empty. I continue to take classes, work tutorials, and make jewelry for myself, family and friends. Handmade items are flooding the market, making it difficult for independent artists to sell their stuff. All that work and people don't want to pay the full worth. I noticed many online artist shops are empty as well. It doesn't hurt to take a break. BUT KEEP CREATING!!!! Many of us would like to be like Laura Mears and have all of our stuff sell in minutes. I tell my husband I am trying to find my thing in life that makes me happy, creative, and God willing--profitable. I have a friend that makes and sells the most incredible jewelry made with very unique components. However, she sells to a select market of collectors. She started as a locally known artist and painted amazing wildlife from around the world. She started beading a few years before me and we both took an art doll sculpting class together. You could see her eyes light up as she tackled her first doll. Now she is 70 years old and people all over the world want her art dolls and jewelry. So take a break, but don't stop creating! It doesn't have to be creating with beads either. Love ya.

coolmoon said...

Thanks girls. And hey, Renetha - I AM on the sign up list for BOTB 16 - as much as I wasn't happy with some of the rules, practices and CATTY remarks - I am not going to let them keep me down. I'm probably going to enter FMG's Seed Bead contest again, too - I think that's in February. So I do have beady things in mind - just not sure that where I live - the heart of retired auto workers and their wives - is going to pay off for me selling profitably locally. And forget ETSY. I can't believe it's still even a THING. All that massed produced crap. UGH.

Thanks for your input, girls. Lots to think about and do. Or NOT do. I currently have an unfinished crocheted afghan to complete before Christmas, 2 library books, a crossword puzzle book or two, and NETFLIX to keep me occupied. See ma, no beads.... :)