Sunday, November 8, 2015

The road MOST traveled

 When you live in Michigan, or probably any state where the seasons change - a fall color tour - or leaf peeping tour as we like to call it - is a must.  We weren't sure there would be an opportunity this year, with icky weekend weather, my busy show schedule - and of course, archery deer season all happening at once.

Fallasburg Covered Bridge, Lowell, Michigan - YES, it is still a working bridge, on a well traveled road - 5 mph over the bridge.  Reminds us of the movies Funny Farm and Beetlejuice every time we pass through....
We managed to find a pretty and unseasonably warm Sunday for a drive, which took us to our favorite spots for fall color.  We always say we'll take a new way - but end up in our favorites every time.  And Mother Nature never disappoints us with lovely color.

 THIS is our absolute favorite fall color stop - Lyons Dam in Lyons, Michigan - just outside of Portland.

2015 - not quite as vibrant as 2014.

Once I get these fall colors in my system though, they seem to come pouring out of me in my beadwork as well - this year was no exception:

I think a tribute to our changing seasons may be where my brain is taking me for my next big foray into winter competition pieces.  There's a spark of it up there.  And 3 opportunities - at least - for it to come to fruition:

Battle of the Beadsmith (I know, I know.  So sue me.)
Fire Mountain Gems
                    and BEAD DREAMS

Peaceful beading,

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