Saturday, August 17, 2013

This n’ That

Not really sure where this blog post is going to lead today – as the title states – I BABBLE! 
THIS:  I am spending another busy day prepping for my August Art Market tomorrow.  It is supposed to be an absolutely GORGEOUS day – mid 80’s temps, with low humidity, low breeze, and NO RAIN.   Trying to divest myself of some older stock – some that’s been around since I had the shop!  That was almost 3 years ago!  So I’m experimenting with the signage – and the display.  Some will say Clearance with red slash marks, SOME will be a flat clearance price.  I even have ONE tray of buy one get one FREE!  I have lots of ideas and designs waiting to flow out of my head and onto that bead table, and I gotta make ROOM!  I may have to break down and buy another tray tote! 
I DO know one thing I plan to change about tomorrow – I will NOT be doing the PURPLE table display again!  It was fun for one market – but don’t want to over do.

001WAY TOO purple.  And I LOVE PURPLE!
Because my racks are purple, though – I’ll tone the table cover back to the yellow again.  Easier on the eye.  Probably more like this:

005This was my outdoor set up in DeWitt a few weeks ago.  One of my best….(rubbing knuckles on chest)…..

As always – I’ll post photos and my success when all is said and done.

THAT:  ETSY.  Closing the shop soon – 2 weeks from today.  There is a coupon code – BUBYE40 – to use at checkout.  40% off.  FORTY PERCENT.  And as if that wasn’t enough – I broke down and lowered the shipping on all of it – so I’m practically giving it away.  I debated about it – even said I wouldn’t do it, and got snarky comments in return to my decision – which prompted the previous blog post.  BUT – (and here’s where my opinion differs from my husbands’) – I would rather make a few bucks – have some money for MORE beads (for ME) and lattes – than let it sit, and sell nothing.  I didn’t used to feel that way.   But I’ve had time to see how things have played out – and seen and heard from other bead sellers about their experiences and what they’ve done.  I’m not super wild about having to lower my costs – and I’m sure some will find fault with THAT too.  But it is what it is – for two more weeks.  Still some great semi precious strands and focals left (8 pages worth last I looked) – so head over there – make me have to buy more mailers!  LOL!

It looks to be a beautiful Saturday out there – make the best of it!
Peaceful beading,

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