Friday, January 31, 2014


I can't believe that I actually WON Marcia DeCoster's new Marcia DeCoster Presents book!  I blogged about it a week or so ago, and provided the link so you could enter too.  I am so happy to be the winner. Several of the artists featured inside are FB friends - and have been posting and blogging about it all week. BUT - I was so SURE I was going to win - or at least figure out a way to have it for myself soon - that I haven't even taken a peek.  I want it to be fresh and exciting when it arrives in the mailbox next week!  Once I've had a chance to look at it, wonder at it, DROOL over the beautiful features just a bit (being careful not to get the pages dirty, of course) - I will do a full fledged, detailed BOOK REVIEW of sorts - but I already know it's gonna be two thumbs up!
So between Mariposa placing as a finalist for the FMG Seed Bead contest, a couple of pretty good sales, and now winning this wonderful book - I am on a ROLL!  Let's hope this number 7 year, the Chinese year of the wood horse - remains an positively profitable and surprisingly exciting one - for ALL of us!

Peaceful beading,

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