Monday, January 27, 2014

Sittin' this one out

If you're a bead lover, chances are you follow Lori Anderson's lovely Bead Soup Blog Challenges.  Perhaps you've even participated in one or more in the past.   I've signed up for three - and had ONE of them follow through to the end - last year's competition, with my partner sending me lovely choices all the way from ALASKA!  It was fun, and I even still have a few of the left over beads floating around somewhere.  I created several lovely pieces - and have since parted with a few (aka SOLD) as well.

Alas.  Because of the blog issue that doesn't seem resolvable at this point - I'm going to sit this one out.  I wouldn't be able to add the blog link, and chances are things wouldn't work properly when the big day finally arrived.  So I am going to be an excited observer this time around.  Besides  -  I still have lots of plans and organization and just plain redecorating ideas in my head for more beady space and SHOW space in this house before spring!  I know I want to have a spring home show, selling beads and jewelry to family, friends, friends of friends, and just plain people I know and trust that want a springtime opportunity to buy.  That means house cleaning, organizing, postcard creating, mailing, and a whole lot more that's involved with a sale. I was (AM) still kind of hoping that a show opportunity would arrive this spring (I did a church show last April.  Not great - but it got me in gear and ready for the season).  Keeping my ears and eyes open.

And I'm sure if you keep up with weather news, you've heard about the "Polar Vortex" that seems to have stalled on top of this great state of ours called Michigan.  Another weekend of snowy weather, followed by what will be MINUS 40 degree wind chills for the next day or two.  Glad I don't have anywhere to be until later in the week - and that I have lots and lots of beady ideas flowing out of my head (thank you, Downton Abbey!)  The above is a photo taken by my sister in law Sharon; it's the view of their driveway from their home.  They're going to need to get down it to the road at some point today.  Good luck with that!  All the cold and snow can still be beautiful - Mother Nature's little trade off, I suppose.  Still - a little warmth would be nice right about now!
Have a wonderful week everyone, enjoy what you have where you are,
Peaceful beading,

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