Friday, January 24, 2014

The secret

I FINALLY figured it out!  Well, I figured it out on the LAST post, actually - but I haven't had a chance to post again since.  I figured out what I have to do to be able to post comments on OTHER blogs, as well as answer people's comments on my OWN blog.  It's a matter of signing OUT of my personal everyday email account that EVERYONE emails me on, (so it gets checked a zillion times a day), and signing IN to the address I used to originally set up this blog - which is an address that is still used for things like favorite store emails, Nook ereader account info, and for those times when you don't want your GOOD email floating around out there.  The problem seems to be that my everyday email address didn't USED to be owned by GOOGLE.  And now that it is, along with the email that is used for this blog - it seems to have caused a conflict.  So now you know.  I will try to make a point of signing into this account on a more regular basis.  Didn't realize having TWO Google emails was such a pain!
So anyway - HOORAY!  I've already gone to Marcia DeCoster's blog and commented for my chance to win her newest book - "Marcia DeCoster Presents".  If you haven't seen it - hop over there for your chance too - a comment each post before the end of the month increases your chances! YAY!  It's good to know before the next Bead Soup Blog Challenge too - still can't decide if I want to participate, but at least I know I'll be able to blog and comment if I want to now.

Ok.  Change of subject - wheee!   If you've been following - you know I've opened the Etsy shop again, but this time - I have just been listing JEWELRY.  And I had originally planned to keep the jewelry the focus.  BUT - I still  have huge bunches of BEAD inventory left, kids - and after figuring out my beads sales for that annoying thing called Sales Tax, and realizing that last years sales weren't too shabby - I'm thinking of adding them to the shop again.  I probably still have many photos of some of the inventory that's left.  I'm still pondering - but if you think you might be interested in BEADS from shescool on Etsy again - gimme a shout! If I do decide to add them - I just may give you a discount code!
I've got a pretty good selection of jewelry pieces added right now too - so keep shescool on Etsy in your favorites.  I try to add a new piece (or two or three) each day or two.  Haven't posted any today - YET - but yesterday's focus was on VALENTINE'S Day.  Red, hearts and romance all rolled up in some unique bead designs!
Well, let's hope that where ever YOU may be - you're staying warm and comfy.  It's another blustery, breezy, dangerously cold temperature day here in Pure Michigan.  I wonder if the ground hog will even be able to climb out of his burrow to check for his shadow next week!  BRRRRR!
Peaceful beading,


Marcia DeCoster said...

I swear technology gets harder all the time. I sometimes wonder how we'll ever keep up as we age. I've made a pact with Mark that he can't ever leave me or I'll never be able to watch tv again!

coolmoon said...

LOL Marcia! And technology is giving me fits again today, as I STILL cannot make any changes other than new posts to this stupid Blogger. Even my hubby hasn't been able to figure out how to navigate Google Chrome tech issues. BAH! Maybe that's why we embrace the bead. Still round since the dark ages.... :)