Thursday, February 19, 2015


SO COLD here in Michigan.  Minus 8 this morning, with the wind chill much, much MUCH colder than that.  Dangerously cold.  But on a GOOD note - it's not snowing, and the sun is shining.  Since it's only 10 steps from the back door to the garage door - I'm taking the 'plunge' and heading out this morning.  I've been missing my Thursday girls - and my Biggby runs.  I need a fix of BOTH today - no matter how cold!
I'll soon be posting a new link to the winter issue of Creative Spark.  I decided NOT to participate in the designing for this issue, although I did contribute some of the other content.  The magazine is absolutely beautiful (I got to see an advance copy today) - and the sea glass and beads the girls had to work with are absolutely gorgeous.  I missed out!  It's still worth a look at the issue - and I WILL participate in the next one, for sure.   Watch for the link in the next few days....

I'm also setting up and getting ready for my "First Thursday" night in a few weeks.  I will  have a few of my pieces showcased and for sale, along with tables for play and learning.  If you're local, try and join us!

And since it's been so cold, and enjoying my garden and yard from the deck is out of the question,
My "Happy Place"

my muse and I have been hard at work in the bead studio:

This piece is done using WireKnitZ wire mesh fabric.  I've met some new friends in the last year that have introduced me to this interesting and unique item.  Many of the designs made with it are bead free, but I of course - MUST add beads.  This was my FIRST use of the WireKnitZ as the focus of a piece (usually I just add a hint here and there as accent).  I'm pretty pleased with it!

And this one, of course - inspired by my love of  the PBS series 'Downton Abbey'.  Gonna miss that show when it goes after next season.  MUCH inspiration in the clothing and jewelry of the era.

There is an actual complete set for "The Gilded Age" at this point - a bracelet and earrings that mirror the strap design.  There was also a prior pair of earrings to match using antique goldtone buttons - which got snapped up off Facebook within minutes of posting the photo!  I LOVE IT!

There are other thoughts and ideas brewing... along with the coffee that's keeping me WARM.

Warm thoughts and peaceful beading,

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