Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The scales of indecision

A Libra.  That's me.

A lover.  NOT a fighter - unless it's for a person or CAUSE that I emphatically believe in.  Then you really don't want to tip the scale in the wrong direction.  Venus ruled.  Air driven.  Beauty loving. Justice in ALL things.  Just about every Sun sign based Astrological column out there is usually pretty spot on when it comes to me as a Libra.
On the other hand - those scales want nothing more than to be balanced.  Keep it centered.  Which makes decision making and side picking very frustrating sometimes!   I always try to see the best in ALL situations, so giving advice is sometimes really hard for me.  It also makes it hard for me to be SURE  that I'm really doing the right thing for MYSELF.

I'm talking here about the Etsy site.

It's up.  It's running.  I think it's got some really cool stuff in it.  Some denim.  Some not.  Some of my most detailed and beautiful bead embroidery pieces, in my personal opinion (which Libra's are oh so willing to give!).

So why am I so 'on the fence', wishy washy, and down right undecided about what to do with it?
I  like to blame being a Libra.  I could also blame another Astrological phenomenon at the moment - Mercury Retrograde (a seemingly backward motion of our planet that rules communication - making it and items associated with it - seem wonky about 3 or 4 times a year).  AND the moon is full.  So I'm determined to wait it out and see what happens when the planets are better aligned.  BUT - seriously.
HOW do I get better traffic to that site?  I've tried daily listing.  I draw the line at hourly listing - so maybe I'm not going to be 'trending' as often as those that seem to make a full time job of it - and have the inventory to do so.  I'm just not that hard core. I know that part of the 'problem' is that I am one of  well over a million bead jewelry makers.   I am also greatly hesitant to PAY to promote the site - although I do concur that there really isn't any good FREE advertising anymore.  Bottom line - you get what you pay for.   I also don't have the budget to pay to advertise - whether it be Etsy or Facebook or even a good website.  MOST of the dollars I bring in from my jewelry (and last year was the BEST year EVER!) goes right back into it again - either in the form of more beads and things to make jewelry, or show fees for the season of shows for 6 months of the year - if not more.  SOME of what I make goes for gas for the Jeep, food for the hubs and the dogs - LIVING money.  There really isn't any to spare to spend on advertising.  That's why I had HOPED that having a page here on the blog would suffice.  Honestly - my BEST sales tool at the moment is still just posting regularly on my Facebook page.  My local peeps are my best customers - and face to face money and jewelry exchanges are my favorite!  So until FB tells me I can't - it will continue to be my favorite sales tool.

So that begs the wishy washy what do I do now question:  What to truly do with the Etsy site?   Do I bag it again and just rely on Facebook - Is occasional listing of an awesome piece or two or three gonna do the trick?;  just let it ride, list every once in awhile - talk about it, spread the URL around as much as possible, and hope that eventually - someday - it will get some regular love.  And by love I mean MORE than favoriting.  THAT is one Etsy 'tool' I could live without.  People can favorite a piece everyday into next week - but they are probably NEVER going to buy it.  I wish I could turn that feature off, frankly.  I don't care if you favorite it.  I just want to know when you BUY it.  My phone notifications HAVE been turned off - because for some reason - favoriting items on Etsy is something people like to do in the middle of the night!

For  now - because of my true faith in astrological signs, aspects and prediction - I'm going to let it ride.    Hey, what do you know - a decision!   LOL.

Sorry about all the "foreign" language today - I just love to speak Astrolog-ese when I have the chance!  And thank you so much for hanging in there and reading it through to the end - this blog is also a journal for ME - and helps me talk out and work out the processes and ideas in my head.  You guys just get to be the lucky recipients of the babble!

And on a final note - if you aren't a fan of my Cool Moon Creations and Beads Facebook page - I hope you'll head over and like me.  I post new pieces there and on my personal page (I'll friend you if we have other people and likes in common), on a fairly regular basis.  Like this one.  She was sold at Christmas, but wasn't quite right for her new owner - so she returned to the fold - and is available again through Facebook:   "Beautiful" Enlightened Denim Cuff Bracelet.  $50.00.

Message me at or through Facebook if you're interested.
Paypal and Square accepted.

Peaceful beading,

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