Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally - something to blog about

Haven't had alot to blog about lately.  Just been hanging out, reading book after book on my brand new Nook, doing some beading, but until today - nothing to write home about really.  Made a trip out of town to see the kidlets....just basically the same old same old that I'm sure you'd quickly grow tired of if I continued to write about it everyday.  We're now covered in another foot of the lovely white stuff, with more coming on the weekend.  Ugh.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the lovely white stuff?  Still not sure how I've managed to remain in Michigan my entire life. is my newest creation - "Crystal Blue Persuasion".  It's VERY hard to see the BLUE in this - the chinese crystals bear a tint of it on the caps, as well as the Picasso drops.  I used just one color of blue in the seed beads - not wanting to overdo the persuasion!

  There are earrings and a bracelet that match.  Not sure where this one's going yet - maybe my case at The Little Red Schoolhouse, maybe Etsy.  Haven't quite decided.
Hopin' for some Etsy sales this week!  Gotta at least pay the bill!

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