Monday, February 28, 2011

Grapes, Gripes and Clicks

This is the newest "Vineyard" themed jewelry piece.  And believe it or not - I cheated.  Sort of.  Let's just say that I have soooooo many pieces made, and that I own, that I sometimes forget what I have.  A week or so ago, when ideas were running through my brain for this piece, I sketched out the basic layout of how I wanted it.  And when I was done, I realized that this piece was going to be time-consumingly unique because of the seed bead spiral and handmade leaves.  OR so I THOUGHT.  On Saturday, I chose a necklace to wear from my vast wardrobe selection, and realized, like a big boot to the head,  that the necklace portion of it was just about what I drew, in EXACTLY the right colors-and the seed bead work was already done.  All I needed to change was the focal, and add just a few hand sewn leaves and hand bent wires, and voila!  - Off the Vine is off the hook!  And will be available at Lansing Art Gallery later this spring, along with the pieces from my previous post.  I love when these type of design 'accidents' happen! 
Ok.  That was the grape part of the post.  On to the gripe, and the click.  Which are connected.  So, obviously, if you're reading this blog, you DO computers.  You probably blog yourself.  You have an email address - or two.  You shop online, you may do Facebook, and Tweet - you are PART of the Technological AGE!  So when I ask my current and potential customers to check info online, get added to my email update list, and to shop my Etsy shop for the beads that used to be in the store - and they tell me they don't DO computers, it really, really, REALLY makes my blood boil!  This is how I do a large amount of my advertising and marketing AND SALES - I post info about classes, sales, specials, and just plain STUFF that's going on with MY BUSINESS on the internet-in several different places.  Facebook.  Website.  Blog.  Other people's websites and blogs. I have an internet store that takes me A LOT of time to keep up to date.  So when customers complain that they didn't get the info or missed an announcement, I have a hard time finding a positive reply.  I continue to take the time to print a few fliers and post them where I can - but people - GET WITH THE PROGRAM!  Learn to CLICK that mouse!  Computers are and will continue to be, a part of everyday life.  Learn it.  Live it.  LOVE IT.  I don't think you're going to have a choice.
There.  Grapes, GRIPES and clicks.  I'm afraid that with the age has come the ornery - there've been quite a few gripey blog posts for me these days - but it helps to vent - so therefore, I babble and I blog.
I'm off to meet with Connie at Coyote Wisdom Books and more, to discuss adding a few racks and displays of BEADS to their inventory!  I'll probably start setting that up later this week - so excited to have beads available locally again -yup - for those customers who refuse to enter the computer age, and for hands on shoppers, too.  And in a place that feels like home....

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