Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Am I Blue?

Yep.  And turquoise, too.  This bangle matches perfectly the colors in the dress for my nephew's wedding on the 16th.   I am hoping I'll get a photo of myself IN the dress that day, we'll have to see. 
Off to enjoy yet another day with Mom.  I will be looking into renting some space inside a gift boutique for a few months - still not sure I want to go that route, but I know the owner, and I love her little shop.  More details for SURE if I decide to do that.  But on a sadder related note - I had to cancel the last three shows that I had planned for this summer, simply because they were all outdoors.  I just can't handle a canopy on my own, nor do I want to trust Mother Nature.  It's just been too unpredictable.  And with the way shows have been going this year already - I just couldn't stand stressing out about how I was going to manage.
So now I'm not stressing - just trying to find another angle.  Cross your fingers.
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend - can't believe it's JULY already!  Where do the days go?
Peaceful beading,

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