Monday, July 25, 2011

Oddness.....but success!

Finally. A successful show!  And oddly enough - until the show was almost over - I never sold one single clearance item.  So did having the clearance items intice them to look at other things?  Or was it the fact that there were 1/2 the jewelry vendors there than usually attend-so they had fewer choices?  All I know is - the weather was cooler, the people were out - and they were ready to part with some green! 
I wish I had a phone with a camera, though, because again I would have liked a photo of my table, but have to remember to physically TAKE the camera with me (which I didn't).  Maybe that's one of the things I'll do with my newly gained loot.  But then again, I really, REALLY want to attend Heather Powers' retreat in South Haven in September.  And I DID actually manifest the EXACT amount needed to pay for it, too.  However, with other expenses and obligations looming, I won't be able to use it all for that.  I'm wondering though, if I can just reserve a space with a deposit - so I'll be contacting Heather soon about that.  The problem with that is not knowing yet about how NEXT month will go.  And I'm afraid if I make the commitment, that I'll worry too much about NOT manifesting it again.  Kinda want to see how I'm doing at Grand-dale first(I work my first shift tomorrow), and will definitely need to pay rent at Coyote next month too.  So I am going to try not to part with it all (over $200) too quickly, but I DO feel a trip to the LBS coming on!  Ruh-roh.  :0D
Peaceful beading everyone,

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Pretty Things said...

I'm very sorry, but you didn't reply to my repeated emails about getting the further required info for the Bead Soup Blog party and I had no other option that to remove you. You're welcome to join us again in February.