Monday, March 12, 2012

Babbling about blogging

I just spent about 1/2 hour 'blog hopping', and I realized something.  In the course of a year, I've gone from not blogging at all, to blogging almost every day - which is more than most of my fellow bloggers do.  Is there supposed to be a success formula for blogging?  Is there a 'stress the hoppers' factor when it comes to blogging? Can you blog TOO much? I know I probably bore many of my visitors most of the time, and get very few comments.  But that doesn't mean they're aren't at least reading.   I also know that blogs are one of the easiest ways to find people out there in etherland, even more so than websites, it seems.  I definitely wouldn't want to overload my ready peeps, but then again - I know, as a blog hopper, that I HATE when I go to what is supposed to be a popular blog and find that they haven't even blogged in ages!  Oh well.  Too many thought rolling around in this head before 7am - and no caffeine.  The DOGS haven't even asked for their breakfast yet.
One topic I've noticed on more than one of my fellow beady peep blogs - is their dedication to shows this year.  OR NOT, as one case may be.  But I would imagine, that doing constant shows all year long for several years would get a little old.  One would need to take a break - and hopefully be able to AFFORD to do so.  I feel their pain.  Shows didn't used to be my favorite, in fact I had (with prompting from my husband) sworn OFF shows for a long time, which I now realize was a big detriment in getting my name and my unique style out into the area.  He still refuses to help me for the most part (he WILL drive me to local shows so I don't have to worry about parking) but help with set up, hauling, tear down, and sticking around for encouragement is NOT going to happen.  If I want to do shows, which I'm discovering that I enjoy (except for that nasty hauling/set up/tear down part), I have to either do them by myself, which is difficult to do in popular venues, or find like minded peeps to share space with, something that many of the larger venues won't allow.  Not sure why.  I am willing to pay a 'shared space' fee, or even the full vendor fee if need be, and follow the same rules as other vendors.  Not sure what they are afraid of when we want to be in the same space.  It's more fun, I'll tell you that.  And so far, at the outdoor shows we HAVE been allowed to share space in,  it hasn't been all that confusing for the customers.  We each (ideally, there are 3 of us - one on each 'side' of the tent) have our own signage, and handle our own money.  The only other factor that comes into play with shows, especially here in the middle of the mitten - is the weather.  Mother Nature is quite fickle when it comes to Michigan seasons - so we are gambling every time we sign up for an outdoor event, and even an indoor one.  If the snow is knee deep, it makes it difficult to get your wares to the space, let alone get customers there.  That's why I'm crossing my fingers that our mild winter (it'll be in the mid 60's all week this week), doesn't turn into a frozen spring.  My first - and my most important - show of this season is coming up the weekend after Easter.  It will take place at and be promoted by The East Lansing Pubic Art Gallery space in East Lansing.  The director is enthusiastic, to say the least.  There is always, ALWAYS major marketing in relation to anything that takes place at that gallery.  It's my first two day event - leaving the space set up overnight.  But if there is snow (yes, it does happen in mid-April in Michigan) or even lots of rain - it's going to be difficult for all of us - vendors and customers alike.
So anyway - that's what my head is about today.  Aren't you glad you hopped by?  :0)
Off to create coffee and jewelry, in that order.  Maybe I'll treat you to a second blog later that will include a few new earring pics....
Peaceful beading,

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