Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Crafting Superstar!

My little Nook has once again offered me a great deal, and a great read!  Yesterday's 'daily deal' was this:

"Crafty Superstar" by Grace Dobush.  It has TONS of information - some of it I knew, some of it doesn't really help me, but MOST of it is very valuable.  LOTS of info regarding Etsy, which, even though I just opened my shop for the second time, I still don't know a lot about.  There's also a LOT of information regarding displays and art fairs.   I haven't finished it yet - but I'm sure I will enjoy the rest, and because it's in my Nook - I will always have it handy!  No more wondering "Now what did I do with that book?"  lol
On a related note:  I have a feeling these little 'Drops of Joy' are going to sell like gangbusters at my shows!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I sold two pair before I could even photograph them, and after my sister in law read my blog (because I link it to Facebook-yay!) I'll probably be selling a few more.
I was fortunate enough to find more of the little silver cap bases, so onward with as many color combos as I can come up with! 
I also forgot to post about the special bracelet that I made recently:
My niece, who is an avid biker, and a nurse, just became engaged to another avid biker, a fireman.  I decided to put together a fun little 'charm' bracelet for her, that includes a fun bike charm, along with some others, and she can have charms added as she wishes. 
She absolutely loved it, which of course, was the plan!  I am considering do a few more 'theme' type bracelets for shows - but haven't quite found an affordable source for those charms!  PRICEY!
Anyway - looking forward to another absolutely gorgeous WINTER day here in my neck of the woods (sorry, Al).  We broke a record yesterday with 79 degrees, and it will be that warm again today.  Next week, we are heading for the 80's.  I expect snow for Memorial Day.....~sigh~  lol!
Peaceful beading,

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