Friday, March 9, 2012


A few glitches to work out, but I am open again, and have ONE item for sale on my site.  I'll add one more every day for a week or so, and then see how much traffic I'm getting, and see if I can tweek some of the tags, etc.  I still have to figure out the banner thing - I made one, and I like it, and it's in JPEG form, but I can't get the sizing right and it won't copy over.  I also don't know how to link my actual Etsy shop to this blog - it just comes up to the Etsy home page, where you'll have to choose shop from the drop down menu, and enter 'shescool'.  When I figure it out - I will fix it!  But I am linked to BOTH my Facebook pages, my personal and my Cool Moon Creations business page.  I've been wanting to try it again for awhile, and have probably been sounding like a broken record about it to a lot of people, and I figured since I am REopening, and Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde, there was no time like the present.
Wish me luck!
Hope I start hearing about and having info to share too about the upcoming Art EXPO! at The East Lansing Public Art Gallery.  Just a month away....
That's all for now - I'm going on an earring making jaunt - I have a special friend coming to 'earring shop' on Tuesday, and I realized as I was inventory-ing for Etsy pieces that I am sorely lacking in that department!
Peaceful beading,

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