Friday, February 1, 2013

Etsy Schmetsy

Fair warning – if you are an Etsy fan – you may want to stop here.  I am in the mood to vent about something (besides the traffic and stress I dealt with out in the real world this morning), so I picked Etsy instead.

Key-Success  (courtesy of Google Images)
There MUST be a secret code.  There MUST be a hidden key.  I KNOW there are cliques, and groups, and ‘circles’.  But what I really am wondering is HOW DO YOU SELL on Etsy?  Because, once again, I am about to give up.  So few hits.  So few likes or hearts.  And very, very, VERY few sales.  I just have never figured out the magic quotient, spell, word, or WAY to get people to visit, view, like, favorite, and ultimately BUY my beads and jewelry.  And (inserting boastful arrogance here) I KNOW that what I have for sale is not crap.  I have good quality, semi precious beads that I know aren’t over priced.  And sure, maybe a few of my bead embroidered, seed bead laden, unique, one of a kind pieces ARE a bit pricey.  Not any more than some of the others with Etsy shops.  That sell them.  Consistently.  I want to know their secret.  I can probably already guess one of the reasons.  I haven’t devoted my life 24/7 to Etsy.  I don’t sit in front of it day after day, hour after hour, and list, and list, and list.  But I know others who don’t do that either – and they have consistent sales.  I offered a SALE in my shop. That I announced in a gajillion places.  NO sales.  Not even at 20% off.  I even made some changes to make purchasing with credit cards easier.  I started relisting more often to keep my name in the ‘queue"’.  Still nothing.
So I am just a bit dismayed and disappointed that what I thought was going to be a great way to continue to sell beads and jewelry after the shop closed – has turned into such a dud for me.  I suppose I could shell out the money to ‘promote’.  But I’ve asked around.  No one I have spoken with ever had luck with that, and I simply don’t have the money to spare.  Because I have no sales on Etsy.  Do you sense a pattern here?
Now one thing I DO want to say – especially if you are still here reading – is that I AM NOT trying to guilt any one of my readers or followers into buying.  That’s not what this blog/vent is all about.  But I have a feeling I’m not alone in realizing that Etsy is probably not the best venue for trying to sell beads.  Or beaded jewelry.  Because unfortunately for me, so is everyone else.  And their brother.
I’m sure this blog post isn’t going to win me any favors, or new followers, and sadly, it may even alienate a few that I do have.  But as my friends and family are coming to discover – I am much LOUDER and prouder in my sense of self these days.  I say stuff.  That I probably shouldn’t.  That needs to be said.
Just sayin’.
So now that I’m done venting, and home, and warm, and about to dig into a yummy venison enchilada – I’m good, and then I’ll be ready to bead – apparently for no one but myself.  And that’s good too.
Peaceful beading,
(And if you’re still here – thanks for stickin’ it out til the end! YOU ROCK!)


lamplight crafts said...

With the push to buy handmade, you would think people would buy from Etsy more often. I have noticed a trend though, most people are selling/promoting to other beaders. Maybe advertising outside of our circle of beading friends might help. I love what you said in your "about me" section about studying the properties of the stones. Maybe you should say or list what those properties are in your design descriptions. Might reach people that way. I actually sold some very small beaded dolls at a...wait for it...psychic fair.

coolmoon said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Renetha. When I list the semi precious beads - they DO include the stone properties in the descriptions. I have listed them in the jewelry ones, too, but not consistently. I just started listing jewelry late last year. I originally just sold beads.
I believe that you would sell beaded dolls at a psychic fair. Many would consider them a sort of totem, and many altars set up for prayer and worship call for these types of things.
I hope something happens soon. I don't want to bombard Bead Soup Cafe or my personal Facebook page with constant reminders, so I'm hoping to find another way...not giving it up yet. But close.
Thanks again.

beadybaby said...

Hi Sheryl, I found your blog from Betty Stephans...was looking in your Etsy shop, and I don't know if it's my computer playing tricks on me , but some of your photos seem quite blurry and unevenly lit. I am NO PRO at photos, but maybe that is what is causing you trouble? Well, just my opinion. Hope you have a great weekend!

coolmoon said...

Thanks for the input beadybaby - it may well be a small part. I admit that I don't have a really great camera or photo set up - I try to do the best with what I have. I use natural light, a white background, and my macro setting - but until I START SELLING consistently, I can't afford better. Again - the catch 22 thing. I don't understand why people put so much stock in how professional the PHOTOS are. You can still see the items, and I try to do complete descriptions. In this case- the item may only look BETTER when it is received! LOL! I will see what I can do to improve them with what I've got, though. Thanks again - I appreciate the input from someone that hasn't been there before....