Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting on the Awesome Sauce

I’m afraid my week isn’t starting out on the best of notes.  Nothing bad or catastrophic has happened really – but then, NOTHING has happened.  I seem to have lost my muse, my mojo, my creative mind.  I seem to have lost myinspirationIt used to be that when a box or package of beads arrived with the mail, as they did today, I could not WAIT to sit down and start creating with the things I bought.  Usually it contained that one last component that I needed to finally start a project – as indeed, today’s did.  But I can’t seem to find the muse, or the mojo – or they WAY to get it started.  I sorted through the bag, put things in piles, but couldn’t quite find any perspective.
I rather felt like this:

sad dog

All sad, and fuzzy.  Felt like I needed some love.  And I haven’t really felt like I was being a debby downer, or at least I didn’t think I did.  Today I managed to get the dishes taken care of, the lunch casserole made, and the recycling stuffed in the bin.  Progress.  But just not of the beady kind.  I think I’m still feeling sorry for myself about the fact that the art gallery turned down my answer to their call for artists.  How dare they?  And what am I to do with all the heart themed pieces that I WAS inspired to make?  Etsy?  Not the way that’s been going. (see prior post)  And it’s been snowing, and gray, and cold for about 4 days in a row.  So maybe it’s just the February blahs.  The news from the groundhog, at least, was a bit brightening.  Just 4 more weeks instead of 6.  Oh please say it’s true…because I really need it to be warm and blue….

warm & blue

So I guess until my mojo comes back, because I swear it went off someplace sunny and warm without me,  I just need to remember:

heart wants
I just may be over thinking and stressing out about not having anything to bead.  There is probably a reason that my mind is resting – and waiting for the muse to return.    And when it does it will be:

awesome sauce

Peaceful beading,

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