Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't worry....BEE happy

Now that I'm done with my ZNet designs, and patiently (well, ok, IMPATIENTLY) waiting for Hope to complete the Creative Spark issue and REVEAL, I was able to complete one of the pieces I started just before receiving all those lovely ZNet beads...

This is The Queen Bee.  I had no idea when I started this piece during a bead group fun day, that it would BEE this:

 As I was completing the beaded bail (a bone rice oval covered in embellished RAW) I remember thinking that it sort of looked like a honeycomb.....and the QUEEN was born.  I actually had some little pewter bees in stock, and JUST got those pretty orange lucite flowers on my girls day out trip on Saturday.  Add a few more leaves, and a citrine flower that didn't make it to Etsy listing (oops) and I think she's kinda pretty.
I don't know where she's bound yet - Etsy, Shiawassee gallery or shows.... one of my FB friends pointed out that she is very WARM looking - works for me!

And in case you are wondering - I haven't forgotten about the give away I promised.  I've decided that the JEWELRY portion of the give away is going to be a pair of the ZNet Challenge earrings I just made.  So I have to wait for the reveal to show them to you.  The bead portion (remember - the winner will get to choose which they want-the jewelry or the beads) will be a mix of a little bit of everything - and probably way bigger than I plan when I start - that's just how I roll!  LOL!  So keep checking back - I'm hoping the reveal will be before mid month - so let's make it in honor of SPRING.... which I'm not sure is ever going to get here.   I am dreaming of THIS:

And instead we're getting this - with just a bit of sun thrown in to tease us:

(all nature images courtesy of Google Images)

WARM & peaceful beading,

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