Monday, April 13, 2015

Coming up for air

Whew!  What a week!  Lunch with friends.  Spontaneous out of town art fair trip.  Farmers Market fun and dinner with hubby.  BEAUTIFUL weather.  And of course - my Battle piece.  Progress IS being made - in fact - I THINK the FRONT of the piece, the focal, the accents, etc. is just about done. BUT - since I've decided that the back also needs drama - that will be coming next.  I'm VERY pleased with how it's turning out - my vision, my dream - is becoming reality with each pass of the needle through the beads.  I DID have to break down and buy a few accents for it - one of them becoming a true miracle in itself - finding EXACTLY the same size, color and shape of bead at a different supplier than the original.  That almost NEVER happens!  And then almost running out of a certain color, and finding the exact same color among the beads I was gifted with last summer!  THAT almost never happens either!  That's why I think this piece was just destined to be - and why it's barely putting up a fight.   Here's another tease - I can't wait to show you the actual finished piece sometime in June or July!   

Very exciting!

And as if that weren't enough- it's less than 2 weeks now before my annual open house!  And I'M NOT READY!  I have several pieces left in mind to make - if I get half of them made before then (between Battle piece and class instructions and the darn good book I'm reading) I'll be happy.

LIFE is in bloom all around me - and it's GOOD!

Peaceful beading,


Lori Anderson said...

Very cool!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Lori! I'm having fun with it, and will for sure enjoy wearing it when all is said and done. SO glad you are feeling better! THANKS for readin' my little ole' blog!