Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I am fortunate to have a good relationship with not only my own family - but with my husbands family as well.  Never a bad word between my mother in law and I - for which I am grateful.
He has one of those families that even keeps in touch with cousins - for which I am also grateful - because ONE of those cousins just happens to like Cool Moon jewelry!  She has an amazing adventure coming up - a two year stint with the Peace Corps in Kyrgystan, where she will be a teacher.  Amazing journey - and even more amazing is that she came yesterday and bought several of my jewelry pieces to TAKE WITH HER!  She will be wearing a few with her daily school uniform, which has to be black - all the time.  She is permitted to dress it up any way she chooses (as long as it isn't offensive to their culture), so she CHOSE COOL MOON!   She also bought a few pieces that she'll be gifting to her fellow Peace Corps members and friends, as well as host family members.  So once again - Cool Moon goes around the world!  

I know I'm not brave enough to ever venture out into the world this way - so I'm glad at least my jewelry gets to go!  LOL!   I wish Dee all the best on her journey - safe trip, girl.   

In other news - still working diligently on that BOTB '15 piece.  I am very pleased with where it's gone so far - but now I'm well, stuck.  I had a plan in mind for attaching the neck sections to the focal section - but making that plan a reality has not been an easy task.  I'm off to Hobby Lobby this morning to see if I can come up with a crafty way to creative what I want - since I don't have time to head for the shore to find just the right thing.  That thing - because I believe I'm allowed to give teasers and hints - is a piece of driftwood - small enough to fit in a 3 inch area, thin enough to not overwhelm and weigh it down - solid enough to hold the embroidery, AND drill a hole into.  See?  NOT going to be easy.

Lastly - those classes I sent to HCE?  I'm in the next quarterly round of classes.  Way to let me know there, administators.   So between open house prep, and BOTB prep, and a trip to Owosso to deliver a whole new round of inventory to show - NOW I have tutorials and kits to prepare by May 13!

Isn't it the dream of every full time home based craft business to have work coming out their ears?  :)


Peaceful beading,

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