Thursday, April 30, 2015

Over. Done. A new chapter spun....

Onward and upward.  My annual spring open house is done and behind me - with a little disappointment, and a lot of gratitude.  Not many came - for many different reasons.  But those that did are tried and true - and I am grateful to them for sticking with me.  Besides.  MORE GRUB FOR US!

I love how my 'denim' table turned out - and will attempting to repeat this with a 4 foot table at my first show this year - Celebrate Okemos on June 13th!  

But before I get into show mode - I have to get into CLASSROOM mode.  I LOVE to teach - but don't get an opportunity to do so very often.  Bead technique teaching is just not popular in my area - especially now that there's this THING called YouTube.  :)
So I'm a bit rusty.  And realized that the last time I taught the particular class I hope to be teaching (don't know about attendance numbers yet) - I had a different laptop, and no longer have access to the instructions I wrote.  So guess what?  I'll be using GUINEA PIGS (aka bead loving friends) to test my newly written instructions at my Bead Play date next Thursday night.  Great chance for a free lesson (the lesson through the school district community ed is about $30).  

I also have to get into PHOTOGRAPHER mode - which is the scariest mode of all.  It's time to start getting those photos ready for Battle of the Beadsmith.  And I'm nervous.  I have a professional all lined up.  A great one.  But something tells me I also need to have my own back up photos - with all the right photo parameters, lighting, backdrops, etc.   Never been great at the photo part - not sure why so many put such stock in the photos when they rarely do the actual item justice - no matter how professional.  I still struggle with my own; here are some examples of my jewelry photo journey:
One of my first attempts at photographing my jewelry.  

I then learned about lighter and brighter.

And shadow play.

And I discovered that I kind of like using the shiny gray cover of my laptop lit from behind by the natural light through a window.  I have used this method for a few current pieces as well.

And of course - you are all familiar with this one.  I have an actual light box that can be lined with fabric, lit from above and the side, diffused, etc.  but it's home made and a bit cumbersome at times. 

  I still find myself throwing a cloth on my studio work table under my Ott Light with a pretty piece of  scrapbook paper underneath - with my CELL PHONE camera.    Works for me, and works great with my photo edit program...
My newest creation, Shiawassee Art Center bound....

Hope your life is spinning you in all kinds of wonderful directions...mine sure is!

Peaceful beading,

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