Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vintage Redux, family style

Let me begin with....

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I have such awesome friends and family.  I have had denim, and beads, and more denim, and vintage jewelry and buttons GIVEN to me on a regular basis for a couple years now.  MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY ROCK!   

My mother in law recently found a box of very vintage jewelry among some old even more vintage photographs (some dating back to the late 1800's) and told me to take it and do what I do best with it.

THIS was the latest and GREATEST of the pieces created with a vintage (circa 1940's) rhinestone and pearl choker from that box (long piece in the center of the photo above).
  I didn't have the heart to rip it apart - so I wanted to enhance and embellish the original choker.  It was truly a choker - barely 16 inches when closed.
I needed to make it a tad longer, without compromising the original shape.
Two days, and tons of vintage pearls and size 15 seed beads later....
Rodeo Pearls.

This piece sold within 10 minutes of posting it on my Facebook timeline.  It's a record!  The best part - it sold to my sister in law - my husbands brother's wife - so the choker, in it's new found glory - is staying in the family at least.  I hope she truly enjoys it. 
 It's one of my favorite pieces I've made (SO FAR!).....

Now I can concentrate of this weekends open house, then the new gallery inventory delivery, and then I can concentrate on class kits and instructions, after which I simply must start getting things ready for my summer of shows!  Over 1 dozen shows are scheduled between now and the end of the year!  TWO more applications in todays email!  I'm waiting for my handsome husband to say 'enough already'.  (The handsome part is meant to butter him up should he read this!  LOL).  I am really looking forward to seeing even more excitement that people have over my denim pieces.  I will be doing SOME of those summer shows with strictly a denim inventory.  
Still need to create just a few more...

Back to the peaceful, cathartic, meditative way of the bead.
Peaceful beading,

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