Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, baby!

It seems I am a GREAT aunt again for the fourteenth time.  Little Leighton Kandace Mayes was born yesterday, the first GIRL great grand on the Mayes side of the family.  I will be blessed AGAIN, for the FIFTEENTH time on February 5th, when Asher Stephens makes his way into the world.  Certainly a year of birth in our family  -- and hopefully a sign of hope, and new beginnings for me in general.  The teaching proposals are going off to the school district today, so wish me luck. 

x fingers(photo courtesy of Google Images)

THAT is a gig that could keep me solvent for the entire summer – if not longer – if they accept them.  Beading and teaching all at the same time.  It’s my dream job!
Expecting a busy day today, with the usual errands, hopefully some bead time if I can pull myself away from that dang jigsaw puzzle long enough – and I still have to photograph and announce the giveaway!  So enough of blogging…my day simply must begin!
Peaceful beading,


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