Friday, January 11, 2013


Once again, my comments get spammed by the most ridiculous unreadable gobbledgy gook that someone could come up with.  WHY?  It’s just plain stupid and rude.  So unfortunately girls – I may have to turn that annoying – but necessary chaptka BACK ON.  I know you hate them.  I agree they are annoying – but the spam – my gosh, the spam. 
And as long as I am on the topic of annoying – WHY does it cost $70 for a new HP color ink printer cartridge when almost all other types, brands, etc – cost way less?  Absolute madness.  My hubby found a FREE refill card for one of the refill ink places around town in his wallet – not sure they even still honor them – but I’m going to give it a shot this time.  NEVER seem to be able to get the color right, so I will probably be sorry – but hey – it will be FREE.  I HOPE.

If you happened to be scrolling through my bar over there on the left – take note that I’ve updated the Off~Rack photo – which means new merchandise!  If you happen to be local – head on over.  She’s clearing out a LOT of winter items, but still has a lot of cool stuff left – at really LOW prices.  Like a Coldwater Creek velvet embroidered jacket that was probably well over $100 for about $20.00.  And an Ann Taylor embroidered sweater for a BUCK!
Can’t beat it – and the music and atmosphere is way better than any Good Will store you might find.  Tell Sharen that Sheryl sent ya!

Hope you have a very peaceful beady weekend,


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