Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday - PLUS!

Here's what WAS on my bead table this morning - I've since finished the pair of earrings, and am ready to begin another. 
I also completed another pair of earrings in what is my "Metal-icious" series of jewelry - I've completed two pair of earrings, and a pendant.  I may do a chunky bracelet with all the metallics, just to complete the series - but honestly, the trends seem to have changed from bracelets to big earrings, and I have not sold a bracelet other than a special order in a good long while.  So I have TONS.  They are the quickest thing to make, and the also the quickest and most economical to TEACH.  No wonder I wear 3 or 4 on my wrist everyday - I would never get to some of them if I wore them one at a time!  lol!

These are the round ones.  See the photo below for the oval version...

Looking forward to a pretty much bead filled five days ahead.  I have several things I would love to go out and do, but alas, I have no gas, nor cash FOR gas, until Friday.  So what a great excuse to just sit and bead!
I did, however, take the time to do some blog hopping today.  And came across a thread on Beading Daily about how we beaders should blog to reach the right audience.  Apparently one of the thead posters finds fault with those of us that put NON-Bead issues on our blogs.  But you know what?  I think a nice mix of beads and real life issues makes for a more interesting blog.  Truthfully, I get bored with the daily, clockwork postings of  'what I created today' and nothing else.  I find myself checking BACK to the blogs of fellow bloggers that post PET issues, especially.  I also enjoy blogs about home remodeling projects, and how those things impact their beading lives.  I post what I did today every day only IF I am truly excited about a piece, but more often, I post every few days, with rants and 'babble' (hence the name of my blog), here and there as well.  At least I'm blogging!   I HATE going to a blog that belongs to a somewhat notable designer, someone who's name is in the bead news alot, only to discover that they haven't even updated their blog since AUGUST of LAST YEAR!  Now maybe they started a new blog, or have a legitimate reason for stopping, so sorry if I offend you with that remark.   I had even given it up myself for awhile last year, so I probably shouldn't be speaking ill of the blog challenged.  But I realized that I missed it.  I missed the outlet it gave me creatively.  AND I decided that NO blog equals NO news, and that anyone coming across MY NAME (and isn't that what internet networking is about?) deserves to have at least CURRENT babble. 
There.  I've been ranting on and on this year, and it's liable to get worse.  Just so ya know....and I know I'm at least getting visitors to the blog - the number on the counter grows every day!  You may not comment - but at least you are here!  yay!
So whether it be beading, reading, weaving, or creating in general - let it be peaceful....

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